Michelle o'malley

Real Name: Michelle O'Malley
Case: Direct Contact
Location: Point Smith, Virginia
Date: November 15, 1993


Details: Michelle O'Malley was asleep on November 15, 1993, three months after the birth of her son, Benjamin, when she had direct contact with her deceased grandfather. In the dream, he kept asking her "Did you make that French toast?" She brushed the strange dream off until she asked a relative about it and learned that he loved French toast.

  • Grandpa Benjamin

Michelle's grandfather, Benjamin, passed away when she was just ten. Although some memories faded, she still remembered the warmth and love he always gave to her. The second dream came a few days after the first. In this one, he asked her to tell her father, Greg, to get a pail of water and meet him at the railroad track. When she told Greg about the dream, he remembered when he and his dad went fishing during Labor Day, and that his father had him carry a pail of water to put the fish in. At that point, he became a believer in the psychic dreams as well, because there would have been no way that Michelle could have known that.
Over time, her dreams appeared more and more real to her; in some of them, she herself appeared and talked to Benjamin. In one dream, he asked her to ask Greg about his uncle's purple heart. She asked him about it, but he claimed that none of his uncles had one, that he know of. However, a few weeks later, Greg talked to his mother and learned that his uncle did own a purple heart.
In another dream, Benjamin told Michelle that he was going to the racetrack, and that he had Greg's lucky pencil. When she asked him about it, she learned that when he was a boy, he went there and sold "lucky pencils" to people at the front gate. Another dream there brought more information; in this one, she met several family members that she had never met in life. They told her that Benjamin was talking to the person who clocked the race times; her uncle later confirmed this. She believes that her grandfather watches over her and her son, and her dreams continue to this day.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 16, 1996 episode.
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