Michael ziegler

Real Name: Michael Ziegler
Case: Medical Mystery
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date: November 1984

Janet ziegler


Details: In November 1984, seven-year-old pianist Michael Ziegler was going to his karate class in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when his right pinkie finger was cut off after being caught in the door jam. His mother, Janet, began using Therapeutic Touch (TT), an alternative healing technique, on him to keep him calm.
The technique, created by Dolores Krieger, can be used when normal medicine fails. It involves the practitioner using their energy to help heal the injured person. Michael was able to stay calm due to the TT his mother did. They rushed him and his severed finger to a nearby hospital. Janet told the doctor that he needed his finger attached, but the doctor said that it would not work. She insisted that he do it and he eventually agreed. He was able to reattach his finger and recommended that Michael go to a plastic surgeon. The surgeon also said that it would never work.
For eight weeks, Janet continued to use TT on Michael. The technique apparently worked and Michael's finger healed. Within a month, he was back to playing the piano. Over a decade later, he is able to play piano well thanks to his mother Janet and her knowledge of TT.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as part of a segment on "Therapeutic Touch" in the April 13, 1994 episode, along with George and Marie.
Results: Unsolved

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