Michael and donna

Michael and Donna Theisen

Real Name: Michael Theisen
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Date: January 1998
Location: North Fort Myers, Florida


Details: Thirty-four-year-old Michael Theisen of North Fort Myers, Florida, was a recovering alcoholic, who was attending AA meetings and was trying to hold down a job when he lost his control, started drinking, and then died in a car accident in January of 1998. Two months later, his mother Donna was in a gift shop when she felt what she claims was an "emotional connection" with her son. She claims that she then picked up two porcelain cups from a rack, with one of them saying "I love you Mom" and the other one saying "Michael", and Donna felt that this was Michael's way of saying that he was okay. Donna began receiving several others signs from Michael, including clocks flashing in her house with the time of his death. Fourteen months after Michael's death, Donna said she heard Michael's voice on the answering machine. The operator said that the message was recorded at 6:33, which was the time that Michael died, and all the message said was "Follow Me". Afterward, Donna wrote a book called "Childlight" about her experiences with Michael. Donna is one of thousands of parents who believe that their children have contacted them from beyond the grave.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the September 6, 2001 episode, along with Wendy Throop.
Results: Unsolved
Links: None

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