Megan curl

Megan Curl

Real Name: Megan Kristen Romero Curl
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Lufkin, Texas
Date: March 26, 2000


Details: Twenty-six-year-old Megan Curl worked at a local chicken processing plant in Lufkin, Texas. Sadly, her life had never been easy. In first grade, she was diagnosed with mild retardation and required to take special education classes. According to her mother Sherry, other children often picked on her and made fun of her. In high school, she and her family settled in Lufkin. When she was eighteen, she married and moved to Arkansas. However, her husband was abusive, so they separated. She returned to Lufkin and insisted on getting her own apartment. Sherry believes that her daughter would have been an easy target for a predator as she was naive and wanted attention.
Meagn was a big fan of the night clubs in Lufkin. It was this love that may have lead to her demise, as police suspect that a man she met at a club might have been responsible for her murder. On the night of March 25, 2000, she went to a local nightclub called the "Electric Cowboy" where she was a regular and had many friends. Witnesses saw her talking with an unidentified man who brought her two drinks. On this night, however, she was asked to leave because of her "provocative" dancing. An unidentified man left and went with her a few blocks down to another club called the "Sports Shack". Another man, a friend who was also an employee of the bar, drove her home from there.
She arrived home around 1:30AM and a close friend/neighbor, "Tonia", waited up to hear the details of her night out. She claims that she and Megan were standing outside talking when a man suddenly appeared in a speeding car, coming to a dead stop. Megan said that she believed that it was a friend of hers from the club, so she went down to him. Tonia went into her apartment and when she came back out, Megan was in the car with the man. She went back into the apartment again and when she came back out, the car was still there, but Megan and the man were not.
At around 2:20AM, she went to Megan’s apartment to check on her. When she answered the door, Tonia noticed that the man was with her. Megan said that he was her friend from the club and she said she was okay. Tonia looked down to him, and the man nodded his head slowly without them exchanging any words. She asked Megan if she was really okay and she said she was, so Tonia said goodnight and left. This was the last time Megan was seen alive.
At around 4AM, her neighbors noticed flames in her apartment. The fire department arrived and entered her apartment. They discovered that the fire was confined to her bed. When the fire was extinguished, they made a shocking discovery: Megan's body was tied to her bed. Her body was charred beyond recognition. Her throat had been slashed to the bone and a plastic bag had been placed over her head. She was later identified by dental records.
Authorities discovered remnants of a nightgown on Megan's body. When they questioned former partners, they claimed that her normal sleeping attire was shorts and a t-shirt. They claimed that she would only wear a nightgown if she was going to be "romantically involved" with the partner. This led them to believe that her killer was someone she knew. Authorities are certain that her killer was the man that Tonia saw her with earlier, but he has never been identified.

  • Composite of Megan's Killer
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Suspects: Authorities and Megan's family believe that she was killed by someone she knew. Megan's past lovers were questioned, however, they all had solid alibi's and none of them are considered suspects.
The prime suspect in the case is a white male with blond hair, a light mustache, and gold-rimmed glasses, and would now be in his forties. Police also want to speak to a man wearing a cowboy hat who Megan met at the club. He was seen buying several drinks for her, but he is not considered a suspect, although they want to question him for any clues to her murder. He is a white or Hispanic male with dark complexion and dark hair.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the December 10, 2001 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Megan's ex-boyfriend, Tim Purvis, was considered a suspect in her murder. Before her death, she had testified about him being abusive which led to his parole being revoked. However, he died in an accident in 2003. In 2012, a retiring Lufkin police officer stated that they believed they knew who killed Megan. However, they did not have enough evidence to charge the individual; the case remains unsolved.