MaryLou maryMcginnis morris1

Mary Lou(left) and Mary McGinnis(right)

Real Name: Mary Lou Morris and Mary McGinnis Morris
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Houston, Texas
Date: October 12, 2000 and October 16, 2000


Details: On October 12, 2000, 48-year-old Mary Lou Morris said goodbye to her husband, left for work, and was never seen again. She did not answer his calls throughout the day and did not arrive at work. At around the same time a body was found in the smoldering remains of a car. The victim was later identified as Mary Lou. There seemed to be no reason that she would have been murdered. Three days later,the body of 39-year-old Mary McGinnis Morris was found in nearly the exact spot under nearly the exact same circumstances. Police began looking into Mary McGinnis Morris's life. They found that she had feared a man that she worked with at her nursing job. One afternoon, she found her office to be in disarray and that the man's desk had "Death to her" written on it. On the day of her death, she made an alarming phone call to her friend, and was planning to leave work early. Twelve minutes later, she made a frantic 911 call, and was apparently abducted at that point. She was found dead soon afterwards. Police suspected both the coworker and her husband, Mike Morris, who refused to take a polygraph or to have his daughter interviewed by police. He had learned shortly before Mary was murdered that she and a friend might have been having an affair. He also called her cell phone around the time that she was murdered, and police believe that he might have been calling the killer. He claimed that it was a mistake on the phone company's part. Some suspect that due to the similarities in the two cases, a contract may have been put on Mary McGinnis Morris's life, but that the killer accidentally killed Mary Lou Morris and then later corrected his mistake. This theory was supported by a caller to a Houston newspaper who said that they had gotten the wrong Mary Morris the first time. Also, Mary Lou Morris's wedding ring was missing, which is a sign of a hit because the killer would take it back to the person that hired the hit to ensure that the person was dead. Further supporting this is that the two Marys lived in close proximity and were similar in appearance. However, police claim they have found no evidence to support the theory and believe that the murders may have been just a coincidence. The victims' families, however, are certain that the cases are not coincidental. The cases remain unsolved.
Suspects: The male worker was an obvious suspect in Mary McGinnis Morris's murder, along with her husband, Mike Morris. If the cases aren't related, which police suggest, then there are no suspects in Mary Lou Morris's murder.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the June 17, 2002 episode. It was also profiled on America’s Most Wanted.
Results: Unsolved

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