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Mary hinkle carter

Mary Hinkle Carter

Real Name: Martha Hinkle
Case: Lost Sister
Location: Greenville, Tennessee
Date: 1924


Details: Mary and Martha Hinkle were twin daughters of sharecropper Rufus Hinkle, who had to give them up for adoption after his wife died while giving birth to them. Martha was adopted by Charles and Lydia Meeks of Johnson City, Tennessee in 1924.
Mary carter with nephews

Mary with her nephews

In 1955, Mary was reunited with her family and was told that she had a twin sister. She has since been trying to find her.

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the
Martha hinkle

Martha Hinkle

October 24, 1990 episode.

Results: Solved. Martha has since passed away, but she left behind four sons. Mary has been reunited with them.
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