Martha brailsford

Martha Brailsford

Real Name: Martha Brailsford
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Salem, Massachusetts
Date: 1991


Details: In 1991, Martha Brailsford went sailing with her neighbor, Tom Maimoni. Later, Tom would claim that she had fallen off of the boat after a rogue wave hit it.
Brailsford killer

Tom Maimoni

Laurie Cabot is a psychic who claimed that she had a vision that Tom tried to make advances on Martha, hit her on the head, and then threw her overboard. Hours after her vision, Martha's body was found, and everything was correct about her death.
Suspects: Tom Maimoni
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the October 25, 1996 episode, about Laurie Cabot. This case was also profiled on City Confidential.
Results: Solved. Soon after Martha's body was discovered, Tom went on the run. Laurie again helped police with the case by psychically sensing that he was planning to go to Canada. She also claims to have put a spell on Tom in order for him to be caught. Three days later, Tom was captured in an abandoned cabin. Maimoni was found guilty of murder in 1993 and was sentenced to life in prison, in part thanks to Laurie Cabot.

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