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Lois Gibson

Real Name: Lois Gibson
Occupation: Police Sketch Artist
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
Date Of Birth: Unrevealed
Location: Houston, Texas


Background: Lois Gibson has been a police sketch artist in Texas for over twenty years. Her ability to relate to victims is because she was once one herself while trying to become an actress in Los Angeles. One night in 1971, Lois Gibson opened the door to a man pretending to be a neighbor who entered her house and started choking her before sexually assaulting and almost strangling her to death. She was too filled with shame to report the attack to police. Six weeks later, an amazing coincidence occurred when she was driving and went down the wrong street and saw a man being arrested on a balcony and realized that he was the one who attacked her. She got to see justice and began being interested in law enforcement. She later moved to San Antonio, got married and had a family, but she kept her dramatic incidents to herself.
One day in 1980, she was visiting a friend when a story came on the news about a dance instructor that had been raped in front of her young students. She then realized that she could help draw the man that did it in hopes of arresting him, and that it would help her become healed. However, she had to prove to herself and law enforcement that she could draw a person based only on an eyewitness acount. So, a friend of hers went to a gas station, looked at an attendant, and then went back and gave the description to her, who drew a sketch that matched almost identically to the attendant. The Houston Police Department decided to give her a try, and the result were astounding. Her sketches have helped catch suspects in over 30% of the cases she worked on, over 1000 criminals arrested. She still helps with the police on criminal sketches to this day.

Case Files:

Notes: This case first episode on the September 11, 2001 episode. Lois Gibson also appeared in an episode of Forensic Files in which she assisted investigators by drawing composites of two suspects seen near a quadruple homicide.

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