Loews cottage

Lowes Cottage

Case File: Lowes Cottage
Location: England
Date: May 1994
Description: None


History: In May of 1994, Andrew and Josie Smith bought the Lowes Cottage in England. About six weeks later, the Smiths noticed strange things happening, including cold chills and smoky mists on the floor. Previous owners of Lowes Cottage, sisters Susan Melbourne and Sandra Podmore, said the Smiths' claims were false.

Meanwhile, the Smiths claimed that their lives at the cottage was a nightmare. One night, Andrew noticed the typewriter began to shake then flew off the table. Another night, Josie claimed that she felt a pressure on her throat and that something was strangling her.
Cottage candle

Video still of candle falling down stairs

At around 8pm another night, Josie saw a young girl in a blue dress while in the kitchen.

A priest came to bless the home, and out of nowhere there was a large bright light. That same night, loud music started playing for no reason. While the Smiths were talking with some locals, they learned that a young couple had died in their house over a century earlier. The sisters claimed that there was no record of the couple ever living in the cottage. The local media began carrying accounts of the hauntings. When the Smiths tried to re-finance their mortgage, the bank refused, claiming that media attention had decreased the home's value. With no money to move, the Smiths filed a lawsuit against the previous owners. The sisters believe that the Smiths are making up the story to get money.
Background: Lowes Cottage is a 250 year old farmhouse that sits on the English countryside. During the 1860s, a milkmaid named Elaine Harring lived in the cottage along with her lover Joseph Phillips. The Smiths checked the town records and found that the couple did exist. The legend claims that Elaine was murdered by her employer, and died in the cellar, which is now the kitchen. When Joseph heard about Elaine's murder, he hung himself in grief, right next to her.
Investigations: The Smiths hired Tony Dawson and another paranormal investigator to videotape their home, hoping to get evidence of a haunting. The investigators placed two candles on the staircase, and while videotaping, one candle seemed to tumble down the stairs, and the other appeared to fly through the air.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the April 16, 1999 episode.
Results: Unresolved. In 1999, the court settled in the Melbourne sisters' favor as the judge did not believe the house is or was ever haunted.
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