Laura Bradbury

Real Name: Laura Ann Bradbury
Nicknames: None
Location: Joshua Tree National Park, California
Date: October 18, 1984


Occupation: Minor
Date of birth: 1981
Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Characteristics: White female. Blonde hair, blue eyes.


Details: On October 18, 1984, three-and-a-half-year-old Laura Bradbury disappeared from her family's campsite at Indian Cove Campground in California's Joshua Tree National Park. She had accompanied her eight-year-old brother to the portable restrooms near the campground. He left Laura outside the the restroom while he used the facilities. When he came out, she was gone. Over 250 people searched for Laura in the Joshua Tree National Park. A bloodhound followed what appeared to be footprints from Laura's flip-flops for about two miles before losing the scent. After three days, the search was called off.
Suspects: Witnesses claimed to have seen a man in his fifties with a metallic blue van at Indian Cove Campground just before Laura vanished. A similar-looking man was seen was seen near Burns Canyon a few hours after Laura's disappearance. Authorities believe the man was taking the back road to Big Bear.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on April 29, 1985 as part of Missing... Have You Seen This Person? Special #1.
Results: Unresolved. In 1986, a skull believed to be that of Laura Bradbury was found by hikers near the parks west entrance, only five miles from the family's campsite. However, DNA tests have been unable to conclusively prove that the skull is Laura's. No arrests have ever been made and the case remains unsolved. Laura's mother Patty died in 2001 and her father Michael wrote a book about his daughter's disappearance called "Laura Ann Bradbury: A Father's Search" in 2010. Partial skull bones found were subsequently idenified as Laura's.

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