Chance wackerhagen3 latricia

Latricia White

Real Name: Latricia White
Nicknames: Trish
Location: Lockhart, Texas
Date: December 26, 1993


Details: On December 27, 1993, Latricia White, a nurse and mother of two, was found by her father, Jack, shot six times in the head in her home. There was no sign of a struggle and nothing in her house was disturbed. Police soon found that her live-in boyfriend, Dub Wackerhagen, had vanished, along with his nine-year-old son, Chance. Dub was immediately considered a suspect. However, his family believe that both he and Chance were also victims of Latricia's killers.
Three days after the murder, Dub's pickup truck was found abandoned thirty miles away in Austin, Texas. Investigators noted that this was a high-crime area. In the cab, they found Dub's hunting rifle, checkbook, and wallet. In the back was a toolbox, spare tire, and several Christmas presents. All the items in the back were covered with blood. However, the blood did not belong to Latricia, and blood tests against Dub and Chance were inconclusive.
Investigating the case, authorities found that Dub was jealous and abusive in their relationship; he often yelled at her and wanted to know where she was at all times. However, Dub's sister claims that the fights were not serious. His ex-wife also said that he had a temper and was abusive at times. Four days before the murder, a friend witnessed an argument between him and Latricia about Chance leaving the faucet running, which overflowed onto the floor. After she yelled at Chance, Dub told her that they were leaving and they left. However, three days later, they were back together again at a restaurant and all seemed fine.
Later the next day, Latricia was found shot to death. Three days later, Dub was charged with murder. However, his family believes that he is innocent and that an unknown person killed all three. Authorities however believe that his hair-trigger temper led him to murder Latricia and take Chance. They believe that Chance may have been the trigger of the fatal argument between the couple.
Four months after the murder, Chance's maternal grandfather received a call apparently from Chance that said, "Help me! Help me!" He is certain that it was from Chance, but Dub's family believes that it was a hoax. Neither Dub nor Chance have ever been found.

Dub wackerhagen2

Dub Wackerhagen

Suspects: Dub Wackerhagen
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 17, 1995 episode.
Results: Unresolved. Dub is no longer considered a suspect in Latricia's murder, but neither he nor Chance have ever been located. His father committed suicide in 1999, but in spring 2016, authorities reinvestigating the case believe they had evidence that Dub and Chance were also victims of foul play. The identities of their killers have not been revealed.

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