Larry george

Larry George

Real Name: Larry Donald George
Aliases: None known
Wanted For: Murder, Attempted Murder
Missing Since: February 12, 1988


Details: At 8 pm on the night of February 12, 1988, a friend dropped twenty-seven-year-old Geraldine George off at her apartment complex in Talladega, Alabama. She went to the home of Janice Morris, her neighbor, and picked up her children. Janice had agreed to watch the kids while Geraldine was at work. Geraldine sent the kids back to her apartment. She briefly talked to Janice and then walked back to her apartment. When she entered, she found her estranged husband, Larry George, inside.
Larry was a former soldier who had been married to Geraldine for several years. That night, he broke a restraining order when he arrived at her apartment. The two argued and he brandished a gun. Geraldine told her daughter to go upstairs and call her grandfather and tell her that Larry was there. He followed his daughter up the stairs and pulled the phone out of the wall.
Geraldine rushed next door to Janice's apartment. She told Janice to call the police because Larry had a gun. However, Janice was already on the phone with her mother and had trouble hearing what she was saying. She told her mother that she would call her back. However, before she was able to call the police, Larry appeared and shot her in the chest.

  • Janice Morris and Ralph Swain
  • Geraldine George

He then shot Geraldine while Janice's children watched in horror. Finally, he shot Janice's boyfriend, Ralph Swain, in the back of the head and then fled. According to a neighbor, Larry calmly walked away from the scene and disappeared. Police and paramedics soon arrived, and pronounced Janice dead at the scene. Ralph died in the hospital soon after, while Geraldine survived but is permanently paralyzed from the waist down.
The next day, Larry's car was found abandoned in the forest, six miles from the scene of the shooting. He had tried to conceal the car by placing branches on top of it. A campsite was found nearby. Also, investigators found Larry's personal belongings in and around the vehicle. It appeared that he had been living in the car for several days prior to the shooting. A notebook in the car suggested that Larry had been stalking Geraldine for several weeks. The camouflage clothing that he was wearing that night was also recovered.
Sometime after the shooting, he visited his sister in southern Alabama. He also spent some time in the Florida panhandle area, where he attended truck driving school. Some more of his belongings were found near some railroad tracks in Roanoke, Virginia. Larry George remains at large.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 3, 1993 episode. He was also featured on America’s Most Wanted.

Larry george arrest

George after his 1994 arrest

Results: Captured. After the case was re-aired, a viewer spotted Larry George fishing along the banks of the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware. Three days later, two detectives went there undercover and began talking with him about fishing. When Larry went to show them his fishing poles, one of the detectives identified himself as a police officer. At this point, a struggle ensued between them and Larry. They eventually threw him in the river, and as he tried to flee downstream, he was arrested.
When authorities went to investigate his campsite, they found a makeshift bunker. It had a generator, heater, television, and stove. Also found were several weapons, including a spear gun and a sawed-off shotgun. This led them to believe that he would resist arrest if he was found at his campsite. On April 27, 1994, he was extradited to Alabama to face murder and attempted murder charges. He was later convicted of capital murder and attempted murder and sentenced to death. He remains on death row, awaiting execution.

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