Eilene Maluccio

Victim of extortion letters

Real Names: Unknown (Unrevealed at broadcast)
Alias: Lancaster Extortion Writer
Wanted For: Extortion
Missing Since: 1988

Larry Purcell

Victim of extortion letters


Details: Two-hundred and sixty-three residents of the town of Lancaster, California have received letters from an unknown source demanding the recipients to send money to certain addresses. The letters said the extortionists would kill the recipients and several members of their family. Many contained highly personal information about the recipients. Police are uncertain if the letters are a hoax or real.

Roman Machus and Richard Feroni

Roman Makuch and Richard Faroni

Extra Notes: The case first aired on the November 23, 1988 episode.
Results: Captured. In Las Vegas, Nevada, police arrested two men whom they believe are responsible for the Lancaster Extortion letters. They were ultimately identified as Roman Makuch and Richard Faroni, who lived in Lancaster until a week before the letters were received. Although there was very limited completely circumstantial evidence, the two were convicted of extortion and other charges and served three years in prison. They have since been released.

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