Lacey Gaines

Lacey Gaines

Real Name: Lacey Gaines
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Justice, Illinois
Date: December 7, 2009


Details: Twenty-two-year-old Lacey Gaines was found stabbed and strangled to death in her apartment on December 7, 2009. There was no sign of forced entry, and no evidence of defensive wounds. She reportedly had relationship troubles in the past, but it is unknown if it is related to the case. Her murder remains unsolved.
Suspects: The police believe that Lacey was killed by someone that she knew and trusted. The killer is believed to have been right-handed and around her height.
Extra Notes: This case was uploaded to the Unsolved Mysteries website on July 21, 2014. The person interviewed on the video is Lacey's aunt, Cherry Simpson.
Results: Unsolved

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