Kurt sova1

Kurt Sova

Real Name: Kurt Sova
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Newburgh Heights, Ohio
Date: October 28, 1981


Details: Kurt Sova's death has been riddled by one contradiction and cover-up after another. On October 28, 1981, 17-year-old Kurt departed for a Halloween party at a duplex. It was composed of people from nearby Detroit, of which he was one of the youngest, and people to which he had never been acquainted with prior to it. Guests later commented that he had been drinking Everclear, the strongest drink on the market and illegal in many parts of the United States. The news surprised his friends and family as they did not know him to be a hardened drinker. Also, his skinny build and lack of past drinking did not give him a high tolerance for the likes of Everclear. One guest later said that he took an intoxicated Kurt outdoors for some fresh air, leaving him hanging on the chain link fence nearby. When the guest returned shortly with Kurt's jacket, he had vanished. It was unknown if he had stumbled off into the back country due to his drunken state or if he had been abducted. When his mother later came looking for him, the tenant who rented the duplex stated that she had never seen him nor hosted any party. However, when police got involved, she revised her statements. A pizza delivery boy who was interrogated by police said that on the night of Kurt's disappearance he had delivered a large order to the duplex, where he had heard music and men and women making out. This caused the tenant to change her story to Kurt's parents and the police that she did indeed host a party. This only served to fuel their belief that something had happened to Kurt, and the tenant had tried to cover her tracks.
One day after he vanished, Kurt's parents registered him as a missing person and papered the neighborhoods and local businesses with leaflets looking for him. One such business was a record store, which was visited by a strange man who told the owner that it was fruitless to have the leaflet of Kurt and remarked, "Might as well take it down, he's gonna be dead in a couple of days." A sighting of a living Kurt came from a schoolmate of his who was en route to a job interview. The man was driving and saw him head towards a van with people who were not native to Newburgh Heights. He also reported hearing Kurt calling out, "Hey, Franco!" Unfortunately, he did not suspect anything out of the ordinary as he was unaware of Kurt's status as a missing person at the time of this occurence.
The tenant of the duplex later contacted Kurt's mother stating that he had slept on a cot in her basement. She was reluctant to believe her on the basis of her multiple lies, but Kurt's father inspected the basement. He did not find him in there nor any of his personal belongings, but did find a cot which looked like it had been recently used. Six days after the party, three little boys were exploring a ravine near the Sova residence. They found Kurt's body. He was wearing a bright yellow T-shirt which stood out from the natural tones of the ground, as well as barefoot. Police could not find any sign of assault. His body suffered no injuries expect for a few minor scrapes and bruises as a result of being barefoot. Nor could police find his right shoe, although his left foot was found wedged in a pile of rocks nearby.
The cause of Kurt's death could not be determined. Coroners later concluded he died naturally, but that is not accepted by his family. Some believe that his death may be related to the that of another boy from the local area, 13-year old Eugene Kvet, in the same neighborhood as the Sovas, and whom Kurt had been acquainted with. Interestingly, he was also found barefoot, and his right shoe was never found.
Suspects: The authorities would like to identify a man named Franco who Kurt had been hanging out with in the days before the party. It is possible but not determined that he is the same person in the record store who predicted Kurt would be found dead. On the same of discovery of Kurt's body, the owner whom had earlier been told the search for him was pointless was visited again by Franco. He had given her a bouquet of flowers with a card that read, "Roses are red, the sky is blue. They found him dead, and they will find you dead too". She felt sufficiently intimidated by this gesture and reported it to police, who arrested and interrogated Franco. Police determined he was mentally and emotionally disturbed, but ruled him out as a suspect in Kurt's death. After his release from police custody he left Newburgh Heights. He has not been seen since.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 23, 1988 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Both Kurt's parents are now deceased. Kurt's father, Kenneth died in 2001 and Dorothy died in 2014 without hearing any new info in the case.