Kurt mcfall1

Kurt McFall

Real Name: Kurt McFall
Case: Suspicious Death
Date: September 8, 1984
Location: San Francisco, California


Details: On Saturday, September 8, 1984, seventeen-year-old Kurt McFall left his home in Concord, California and headed to nearby San Francisco where he planned to spend the night and return home the next day. However, he never returned, and on Monday, September 10, his bruised body was found on an isolated beach at San Francisco Bay. His father Tom suspected foul play.
Tom received a phone call the day after Kurt vanished, and it claimed that Kurt tried to escape from a cult and feared for his life. After he received the phone call, Tom searched his son Kurt's room and found suspicious items. For years, Kurt had been interested in the game "Dungeons and Dragons" and a year before his death he joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, in which members participated in events related to medieval times. Hilary Powers, President of SCA, stated that Kurt enjoyed his time in the in SCA, but she did not believe the organization had anything to do with his death. Kurt eventually joined a second group that introduced him to Pagan religion, and one of Kurt's friends believed that Kurt had adopted Paganism as his religion. The SCA and the second group that introduced Kurt to Paganism were thought to be cult-like groups.
Gabriel Carrillo was the leader of the second group that Kurt had become involved with, and the person whom Kurt spent the night with the day he vanished. At around midnight, Kurt went swimming at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, and then went back to Carrillo's apartment. Kurt left Carillo's apartment around 3am and said he was headed back to Ocean Beach.
The next day, his car was found at a nearby golf course in a state of disarray. Kurt's license was on the floor, his keys were on the seat and a single $20 bill was in the glove compartment. The suit of armor that he had made for the SCA group was not in the trunk and random beer bottles were found in the car, but Tom stated his son Kurt did not drink. At 10:15 am the next day, Kurt's body was recovered at the cliffs below where his car was found. There was no external trauma, although he had no shoes, socks, or shirt. The Coast Guard believed that he may have fallen from the cliffs to his death. The coroner ruled that he had died from multiple traumatic injuries and blood loss, but it was unknown how those injuries occurred. It was assumed that Kurt died from a fall, but unknown as to whether that was was accidental or the result of someone who pushed him over the cliff on purpose. Tom met with the coroner who said that he believed the death was a homicide, but did not have enough evidence to say so in court. The San Francisco Police Department disagreed with the coroner since they found no evidence that suggested Kurt's death was a homicide.
The case still remains open. Kurt's family and friends believe that Kurt stumbled on something in one of the organizations that he was involved with, and that he was murdered as a result.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on Special #5 from February 5, 1988.
Results: Unsolved. Gabriel Carrillo who was interviewed on Kurt's segment passed away in 2007.