Kurt cobain1

Kurt Cobain

Real Name: Kurt Donald Cobain
Case: Suspicious Death
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: April 8, 1994


Details: When Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain died at the height of his popularity and success in April of 1994 in the apartment over the garage adjacent to his home in Seattle, Washington, few could believe it. Private investigator Tom Grant has been leading an investigation into solving some of the mysteries around Kurt's death and questions whether it might have actually been murder. Tom has found several inconsistencies in Kurt's death, including the fact that his suicide note may have been forged, that fingerprints had apparently been wiped from the crime scene, and that an unidentified individual had been using Kurt's credit card shortly after his death.

Kurt cobain4 suicide note

Kurt's suicide note

Suspects: It has long been speculated that Courtney Love, Kurt's widow, while not suspected of any wrongdoing, had not been fully forthcoming when interrogated by police regarding her husband's death.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 7, 1997 episode and has been rerun on Spike TV. This case was also featured in the Travel Channel series Hidden City.
Results: Unsolved

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