Ufo abduction2 kristina florence

Kristina Florence

Real Name: Kristina Florence
Case: Unusual Phenomenon
Location: Barstow, California
Date: 1974


Details: New York choreographer Kristina Florence claims that she has had numerous experiences of "missing time" and alien abduction. Her story begins in the Mojave Desert in 1974, when she was seventeen and driving with her mother and sister to San Francisco. On the way there, their car overheated next to a park in Barstow, and their mother went to get water for the radiator. Kristina's sister got out of the car, but the next thing she remembered consciously was the two of them lying on a blanket in the park, and then the next thing she remembered after that was the three of them back in the car and driving away extremely fast. A few years later, her sister called her and they talked about it before getting in contact with Budd. In 1986, she agreed to go under hypnosis to find more about what happened to her and her sister. Through hypnosis, she realized that aliens had abducted them and that they were examined by them.

Kristina's story is somewhat similar to that of Robert Matthews, who believes that he was abducted by aliens during a period of missing time in 1966.
Missing time alien

A sketch of an alien by Kristina Florence

Suspects: Budd Hopkins believes that Kristina was abducted by aliens during her Missing Time experience. Kristina went under hypnosis in order to find out more about what happened. She claimed that she and her sister looked up when they got out of the car and that they saw something, and they went back in the car but it wouldn't start, and that the next thing she remembered that she was on this table and that weird beings were around her. She saw a paper screen which was moving around the table and kept taking pictures of her and around her was a round room filled with dials. She claims that they put some weird rubber pants on her and then they left, and then she started asking for her sister. They said she was okay and that that was the last thing that she remembered through hypnosis, and that then they were back on the ground. Susan Fox, a psychologist, is certain that Kristina is legitimate and that her story is completely true.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the November 30, 1988 episode.
Results: Unsolved