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Kristin smart1

Kristin Smart

Real Name: Kristin Smart
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: California
Date: May 25, 1996


Occupation: Student
Date of Birth: February 20, 1977
Height: 6'1
Weight: 145 lbs.
Marital Status: Unrevealed
Characteristics: Unrevealed


Details: Kristin Smart was a student at Cal-Poly University when she vanished. She said good-bye to another student, Paul Flores, then headed to her room and was never seen again. Similarities in her case to that of April Gregory in New York convinced many of a serial-killer at work.
Kristin smart3 paul flores

Paul Flores

Suspects: Police believe that Paul Flores may have been involved in her disappearance since he was the last person to see Kristin alive. It has also been noted that Scott Peterson, the man who murdered his pregnant wife, Laci, both attended Cal-Poly and were seniors around the time of Kristin's disappearence. No connection between the cases as been established yet.
Extra Notes: This case originally ran on the September 20, 1996 episode .
Results: Unresolved. April Gregory's boyfriend, Terrence Evans, was eventually convicted of April's murder. Police believe that the similarities between the two cases were just coincidences. Kristin, however, has never been found and her case remains unsolved. Police still believe that Flores was involved in her disappearance.
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