Kelly ames

Kelly Ames

Real Name: Kelly Ames
Case: Medical Mystery
Location: Massachusetts
Date: Unrevealed


History: Kelly Ames was in high school when the symptoms of multiple sclerosis began to appear. By the time she was 22, she decided to go to a doctor, and medical tests revealed that she did actually have MS, and she soon began to lose use of her legs and eyes. She was then put on steroids by her doctor, but although they helped somewhat control the disease, they did not stop it and it soon got worse. Kelly eventually met a woman who was able to walk again because of bee venom therapy, a controversial treatment that uses the venom from honey bees to help treat and reverse the course of multiple sclerosis. Kelly soon went to a local beekeeper that helped with MS patients, and she and her boyfriend began a daily routine of stinging certain parts of her body. Shortly afterwards, Kelly began to feel her legs and eyes again. Kelly thanks bees for her recovery and is now teaching bee venom to others suffering from MS. One of her students was a woman named Maureen Naughton, who began to feel the symptoms of MS after the birth of her second child. By the time she began the therapy, MS had made her legs numb. As the venom was put into her feet, she could feel it, and soon began feeling her feet again. Six weeks later, Maureen was able to finish a MS walk-a-thon successfully, and she believes that it was because of the bee venom.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the January 10, 1997 episode
Results: Unsolved

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