Katie sepich

Katie Sepich

Real Name: Katie Sepich
Nicknames: Kait S.
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Date: August 31, 2003


Details: On August 31, 2003, New Mexico University student Katie Sepich left a party at a friend's house to go home at 3am. She had apparently forgotten her keys and was trying to get into her house through the bedroom window when she was abducted. The next day, two hunters found her body in the desert; she had been raped, strangled to death, and then set on fire. Despite an intense investigation, no suspects were identified.

Gabriel avila

Gabriel Avila

Suspects: None known
Extra Notes: The case has appeared on the show Haunting Evidence.
Results: Solved. In December of 2006, DNA evidence found on Katie's body was linked to a suspect named Gabriel Avila. Avila confessed to Katie's murder, pled guilty, and was sentenced to sixty-nine years in prison.

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