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Kathy Hobbs

Real Name: Katherine Hobbs
Nicknames: Kathy
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: July 23, 1987


Details: Kathy Hobbs always spoke of feelings or premonitions that she would never live to be sixteen. On her sixteenth birthday, she seemed to have overcome her fears, confiding in her family that the premonitions were unfounded, and began living a more normal teenage life. She had developed an interest in beauty products, and had started pursuing a career as a beautician. However she vanished without explanation one night after announcing she was taking a quick trip to the nearby supermarket, and one employee who was later interrogated by police said he sold her a book and she left; nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Police believed that she was abducted; but they were able to get a witness, who reportedly saw her there. Nine days later, her body was found dumped in a remote field near Lake Mead by a geologist who was looking for crystals. Tire prints showed that she had been taken there alive and beaten to death with a rock, which was analyzed and found to have blood stains which matched her blood type. Three months later, police received a tip from an anonymous informant claiming to have witnessed her abduction. However, the murder remains unsolved.
Suspects: Police would like to speak to an unidentified phone informant who claimed to have witnessed the abduction. He claimed the abductor's name was Robbie and gave his apparent license plate number. However, it did not exist. The caller has yet to come forward.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 1, 1989 episode. It is still under the murder category on the Unsolved Mysteries website.
Results: Solved. Kathy's murder has since been linked to Michael Lockhart, who was convicted for a series of murders in Texas, Indiana, and Florida and executed in Texas in 1997. Since he had already been sentenced to death in the three states, Nevada did not pursue prosecution.

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