Katherine korzilius1

Katherine Korzilius

Real Name: Katherine Erin Korzilius
Case: Suspicious Death
Location: Austin, Texas
Date: August 7, 1996


Details: Katherine Erin Korzilius was born in 1989. She was the six-year-old daughter of Paul Korzilius, the tour manager for Jon Bon Jovi. She lived with her family in Elder Circle, a small neighborhood near Austin, Texas. On August 7, 1996, Katherine, her mother, Nancy Korzilius, and her brother Chris went out to run errands. It was also Paul's birthday, so they picked up a present for him as well. When they arrived in Elder Circle, Nancy allowed Katherine to pick up their mail at the community mailbox near their house and then walk home. Katherine would take the shorter route to the home while Nancy and Chris would drive the longer route around Elder Circle. However, after a few minutes passed and Katherine had not returned, Nancy asked Chris to go look for her.
When Chris was unable to find her, Nancy got into her car and the two began to search for her. Within minutes, they found Katherine, lying on the road in Elder Circle. Nancy noticed that she was unconscious but still breathing. She decided that she would pick her daughter up and drive her to the hospital. Katherine had suffered a fractured skull; she never regained consciousness and died later that day.
From the start, everyone assumed that Katherine had been the victim of a hit-and-run. However, Katherine's family did not understand why she was found in that part of Elder Circle. Nancy last saw her walking towards their home. However, Katherine's body was found along the route that Nancy and Chris had driven home, half a mile from the mailboxes. This was the opposite direction that Katherine was supposed to have gone.

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Map of Elder Circle

The medical examiner's report seemed to deepen the mystery: he determined that Katherine had not died from a hit-and-run accident. In addition to the head injury, he found abrasions on her left shoulder, the small of her back, her right hip, and both knees. He believed that she had either jumped, fallen, or was thrown from a moving vehicle. One theory proposed by investigators was that she had tried to hold on to the back of her mother’s car on the ride home but had fallen off. This would explain where her body was found on Elder Circle.
However, Katherine's family does not believe this theory. They hired private investigator Barbara O'Brian; she noted that since it was a hot August day, it would have been difficult for Katherine to hold on to the back of her mother's vehicle. There were only two places for her to hold onto the car: a bar on the top of the car and the back door handle. However, the back door would have opened if she held onto the handle. Also, Katherine's left thumb was broken and in a splint, which would have made it difficult for her to hold onto anything. Finally, her mother should have been able to see Katherine in the rear view mirror.
Katherine's family instead believes that she was abducted and murdered. A vacant lot about thirty yards from the mailboxes may have provided a clue. A few days after her death, investigators brought in the K-9 unit which picked up her scent in the lot. The scent was lost after the lot. This suggests that she was walking in that direction when she may have been abducted from the lot. Nancy also noted that when she found her daughter's body, it appeared that she had been "laid out" for her to find. Her hair was smoothed down, her shirt was straight, her shorts were straight, her toes were pointed straight, and her sandals were kept on.
A year later, her neighbors in Elder Circle planted a tree and placed a plaque in her name. Her family hopes that someone will come forward to give new information; as of yet, no suspects have been found or identified in this case.
Suspects: Nancy Korzilius is considered a possible suspect in that Katherine may have grabbed on to her vehicle while it was in motion and fallen off at the point where she was found in Elder Circle. However, her family has found evidence that points away from this theory.
Her family believes that she was abducted in the vacant lot near the mailboxes. They believe she either jumped, fell out, or was thrown from the abductor's vehicle.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the May 22, 1998 episode.
The incident was immortalized by singer Jon Bon Jovi in the song "August 7, 4:15", the date and time of Katherine’s death. Her father, Paul, now is a board member for Jon Bon Jovi's foundation.
Results: Unsolved