Karen mills

Real Names: Karen and Kathy Mills
Case: Unusual Phenomenon, ESP, Kidnapping
Date: October 31, 1978
Location: Memphis, Tennessee


Details: Ever since they were born, identical twins Karen and Kathy Mills always felt that they had some sort of psychic or telepathic connection and that they could feel each other's actions and pain. Karen would feel if Kathy was angry, if she was sad, and even felt her pains during childbirth. One of the most dramatic experiences was on Halloween night in 1978. Karen and Kathy were partying with their older sister, Sharon, along with their dates when, at 8pm, Kathy and her date decided to leave early.
Kathy mills

When Kathy and her date returned home, they were suddenty assaulted by two unknown men. Meanwhile, at the party, Karen had a feeling of fear and panic and rushed home to her sister. However, the robbers, upset with the small amount of money that Karen and her date had, kidnapped her. Kathy's date called the police, and Karen soon arrived and began envisioning the abduction and Kathy's location. Karen then began directing police to where Kathy and her abductors were. At that same time, the abductors' vehicle ran out of gas, and they began trying to get gas from another car. A couple heard the noises from their front yard and came outside. One of the assailants began shooting at the couple, but fortunately they were not hurt. Kathy then began running away from the car, and Karen began envisioning this. Kathy's kidnappers then decided to let her go, and she was taken by police to a hospital. Karen, Sharon, and their mother arrived at the hospital, and the twin sisters began discussing the events of the kidnapping. They realized that Karen had seen everything that Kathy saw. Karen and Kathy are certain that they have a psychic connection and can feel each other's pain. This connection continues between the sisters to this day.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the August 23, 2001 episode.
Results: Unsolved
Links: None

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