• Gene Hurd
  • Gerald Halloran
  • James Kilventon
  • Michael Oldham
  • Thomas Fry
  • Robert Mckarnin

Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Arson and Murder
Missing Since: November 1988


Details: On Thanksgiving Day, November 29, 1988, a violent fire erupted at a construction site in Kansas City, Missouri, after a trailer caught fire for no apparent reason. Two fire trucks were sent to put out the fire, and the firemen found explosives at the scene, but it was suggested that the explosive were believed to be secured in storage sheds known as bunkers. However, when the department supervisor arrived, he learned that there were large quantities of explosives in the trailer, and then an explosion occurred that took the lives of the six fire-fighters, Robert McKarnin, Michael Oldham, James Kilventon, Luther Gene Hurd, Thomas Fry, and Gerald Halloran. The worst part of the disaster was that it should never have happened; evidence at the site after the deadly fire and explosion proved it had been created by an arsonist. Almost seven years later, the person or persons responsible are still at large.
Extra Notes: This segment ran for the first time on February 10, 1995.
Results: Captured. As a result of the broadcast, five people were indicted for the arson and murder. George Sheppard, his brother Earl, their nephew Bryan, George's girlfriend Darlene Edwards and Richard W. Brown were all implicated in the arson and murders, were found guilty and were later sentenced to life in prison. However, some evidence has since come forward to suggest that others may have been involved in the arson, including two security guards who were at the site the night of the explosion. A police investigation is currently underway. Earl Sheppard died in 2009.

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