Julie cross

Julie Cross

Real Name: Julie Cross
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: June 9, 1980


Details: Julie Cross was a former San Diego police officer who entered the Secret Service. In June of 1980, she and her partner, Agent Lloyd Bulman, were investigating a counterfeiting operation in Westchester. While parked in an unmarked car near Los Angeles International Airport, they noticed a car slowly drive past them multiple times. The car eventually parked across the street from them. The two men then got out of the car and approached the officers. The driver then held Lloyd and Julie at gunpoint; the passenger then reached into the back of the agents' car and picked up a shotgun. The driver and Lloyd struggled with the driver's weapon; meanwhile, the passenger shot Julie multiple times with the shotgun. The passenger then attempted to shoot Lloyd with the shotgun but missed. The two men then fled the scene. Tragically, Julie Cross died of her wounds. Police found a pair of eyeglasses near the scene but had little other evidence.
Suspects: Two African-American men were responsible for the shooting of Julie Cross and Lloyd Bulman. Neither have been identified. They were seen driving a large, brown, two-door car with a light colored roof and rust spots on the body.The driver was described as neatly groomed with a moustache. The passenger was wearing a stocking cap and leather jacket.
Extra Notes: This segment originally aired on the May 3, 1989 episode of Unsolved Mysteries .


Andre Alexander

Results: Solved. Twelve years after the murder, Andre Steven Alexander was arrested for the 1978 triple murder of a counterfeit printer, the counterfeit printer's girlfriend, and another man in Palms, California. Detective Richard "Buck" Henry recognized Alexander, a former classmate of his, as matching the composite of the passenger in Julie's case. Alexander was convicted in the triple murder and was soon after charged in Julie's murder. Authorities found a leather jacket at his parent's home that matched the one worn by the passenger; traces of blood were found on the jacket. Several witnesses testified that Alexander wore glasses identical to those found at the crime scene, and a girlfriend of Alexander's testified that he had shown up at her house on the night of the murder covered in blood with a bloody shotgun in a bag. He told her that he had murdered someone near the airport that night. In 1996, Alexander was convicted of the murder and sentenced to death. Terry Brock was later identified by Lloyd as the second suspect in the case; authorities found several connections between Brock and Alexander, including that Alexander's girlfriend was Brock's sister. However, it is unknown if Brock was ever charged in the case.

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