Jon Lee Martin

John Lee Martin

Real Name: John Lee Martin
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: Lee County, Virginia
Date: November 4, 1988


Details: At 3 AM on November 4, 1988, Patrolman John Lee Martin of Lee County, Virginia began investigating a suspicious car on his route, parked behind a health clinic. He started following it and then pulled the car over. His killer opened fire on him with a .44 caliber pistol as he approached and asked for his license. He returned fire and struck the vehicle, but was severely injured and unable to move. His dispatch sent a patrolman nearby to check on him. The officer found Martin mortally wounded; he stayed conscious just long enough to give a description of the vehicle and suspect before being taken to the hospital. He died from his injuries three days later on November 7. His killer remains at large.

David wayne mills

David Wayne Mills

Suspects: An unknown Caucasian male with a mustache in his mid-20s that was driving a light brown or tan Buick with the license plate in the back window. The car was most likely a model from the late 1970s. The license plate read "Land of LIncoln" which was the motto for the state of Illinois.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the January 18, 1989 episode.
Results: Solved. On November 5, 1988, a stolen car was impounded, burned beyond recognition but with three bullet holes from in it. It wasn't until several weeks later that the car was connected to the murder. After the connection to the murder was made, the car was linked to 24 year old David Wayne Mills; authorities found evidence after searching his home that also connected him to the crime. He was arrested later that day and was charged with John Martin's murder. He told authorities that he was there when Martin was shot, but that an accomplice fired the fatal shots. The alleged accomplice was questioned but never charged. Mills also led authorities to the .44 caliber pistol that shot John Martin. In the end, a jury found that Mills acted alone in the murder and convicted him. He was sentenced to life plus fifteen years in prison.

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