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  • Melvin Hanson and John Hawkins
  • Dr. Richard Boggs
  • Driver's License of Ellis Green

Real Name: John Barrett Hawkins
Aliases: None Known
Wanted For: Fraud and Murder
Missing Since: 1989


Details: John Hawkins was the recipient in a life insurance scam where he stole the identity of the man he himself had killed, a man named "Melvin Eugene Hanson". The main person behind the scam was Dr. Richard Boggs, who claimed that Hanson had died accidentally on April 16, 1988. Hawkins interrupted the autopsy of Hanson and claimed that he was the man's business partner. Two months later, police received information that Melvin Eugene Hanson was not the real identity of the deceased man, but Hawkins had by now received the insurance money. The deceased man's real identity was Henry Ellis Green, and did not have any business relations with Hawkins. The real Hanson was found to be alive and was arrested. Boggs was also arrested a few days later. By time the authorities figured out the details, Hawkins was on the run from justice.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the December 6, 1989 episode of Unsolved Mysteries. The case was also documented on Forensic Files.
Results: Captured. Hawkins was captured in Sardinia and sentenced to twenty five years in prison. Boggs and Hanson were sentenced to life in prison for their part in the murder. Boggs died of AIDS in 2003 while serving HUD sentence. Hawkins was released after serving 20 years of his sentence.

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