John catchings

Real Name: John Catchings
Occupation: Police Psychic
Place Of Birth: Austin, Texas
Date Of Birth: February 17, 1946
Location: Oregon


Background: John Catchings, a psychic from Texas, helped the police solve several cases. In 1982, one month after pizza delivery driver Sherry Eyerly vanished, John awoke from a sound sleep and saw a woman standing at the foot of his bed, and he believed that there was some message that the woman was trying to give to him. Four days later, John received a package from Salem about Sherry's disappearance and he knew that this was the woman that he had seen. John believed that Sherry was abducted by someone that she knew, but did not know very well. He saw the picture of a white house and then saw pillars or posts near the house. The detective that was with John began naming suspects in the case, and when he said "Darrell J. Wilson," John felt that Darrell may have been involved. Darrell apparently knew Sherry, just like John said, and when he was taken to Darrell's home, he saw the house that was in his vision, but he learned that Darrell lived in the house behind it. When they got to the back of Darrell's house, he saw pillars and posts that he had seen in his vision. Two hours later, John and the detective learned that Darrell had committed suicide, and at that point, John and the detective were certain that Darrell was involved in Sherry's disappearance. However, in 2008, that was proven false when William Scott Smith was found responsible for Sherry's death and Darrell was not involved.
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Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 10, 1991 episode. However, John Catchings has since lost a great amount of credibility after William Scott Smith confessed to Sherry's murder and pleaded guilty to her murder. Darrell J. Wilson, the man that Catchings said was responsible, was not connected to the crime in any way. John Catchings died of a heart attack in September 1992 at age 46.
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