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Joe owens

Joe Owens

Real Name: Joseph Owens
Aliases: Joe Owens
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since: 1989


Details: Seventy-year-old Joe Owens and his 79 year old wife Gladys were elderly residents of Seattle, Washington. One evening, Joe called his nephew and told him that he was going to commit suicide because of a life-threatening cancer. He also said that Gladys had committed suicide several months earlier, and that he was planning on killing himself near where she was buried. Joe's nephew called the police, and a search began for him. A witness came forward saying that Joe had asked her to take him to an area where he told his nephew he planned to take his own life. Search dogs, however, could not find out where he may have went, and nobody had any idea what may have happened to him until the looked more into his and his wife's disappearances. Joe spent most of his time in the garden while Gladys taught piano lessons, and the two barely would spend time with each other. On March 14, 1989, at 4pm, Gladys gave a piano lesson to a young girl named Katie Dunham, and it would be the last time that she would teach a piano lesson.
Gladys owens

Gladys Owens

After Gladys was last seen, Joe began digging a hole in their backyard, which he claimed was for a compost box. Joe told several different stories about where Gladys was to her students' parents, including that Gladys was visiting her ill 100-year-old mother in Wichita, Kansas, that she was at an arthritis clinic in Canada, and that she was with her mother buying antiques in Kansas. When two parents compared the stories that Joe had told about Gladys, they became worried but were uncertain what to do. At around that time, Joe was having cement poured in his backyard. The two parents of the piano students later contacted police and reported Gladys Owens as a missing person. An officer later came to the Owens home and talked to Joe about his wife's disappearance. Joe, however, told him that Gladys was not missing, and that she was in Canada. A few hours after the talk with the officer, Joe called his nephew about his plans of killing himself. Police then began searching through the Owens home, and found that all photographs of Joe and papers about him were gone, so police suspected foul play. A search began in the backyard of the Owens home, but at first, nothing was located. Then, police searched the compost box and found Gladys's remains inside, which revealed that she was shot to death. Inside Gladys's room, blood was found on a pillow and in the doorway, which led police to believe that Joe had killed her while she was sleeping, and then buried her body in the compost box. Now, Joe Owens is wanted for Gladys's murder.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 21, 1990 episode.
Results: Solved. Two months after his story aired, Joe Owen's remains were found by two hikers. Seattle police soon closed the murder of Gladys Owens and the disappearance of Joe Owens.
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