Jessyca mullenberg

Jessyca Mullenberg in 1995

Real Name: Jessyca Mullenberg
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Date: September 16, 1995


Details: Jessyca Mullenberg was a thirteen-year-old high school student in Wisconsin who became the obsession of Steven Oliver, who worked as an aide at her school. He was so infatuated with Jessyca that he followed her when she moved cities in Wisconsin and eventually bought a place across the street from her family when they settled down in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. On September 16, 1995, Oliver told Jessyca that a publisher was interested in a story that she'd written, but this was a deception he used in order to abduct her.

Steven oliver

Steven Oliver

Suspects: Steven Oliver
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the December 1, 1995 episode. Jessyca's abduction was profiled on America’s Most Wanted and was later featured on I Survived.

Jessycan mullenberg now

Jessyca Mullenberg as a Adult

Results: Solved. A motel manager recognized Steven Oliver after seeing him profiled on America's Most Wanted. Steven Oliver was arrested and Jessyca Mullenberg was located alive and reunited with her family. Oliver was later sentenced to forty years in prison. Jessyca continues to tell her story of her abduction as a counselor and tries to help people with similar experiences.

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