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Jeffrey Digman

Real Name: Jeffrey Digman
Nicknames: No Known Nicknames
Location: San Diego, California
Date: January 22, 1989


Details: Jeffrey Digman was a United States Marine stationed in San Diego yet transferred to Puerto Rico. While he was home in San Diego watching football on January 22, 1989, he was shot to death in his bedroom. The authorities ruled it a suicide, but Jeffrey's family noticed there was enough evidence to suggest that Jeffrey was actually murdered by an unknown intruder. The evidence includes the trajectory of the bullet which would require Jeffrey to lean sideways away from the bed in the process of shooting. Also blood trailing down by his ear suggests he was upright for at least six seconds after the shooting. The parents suspect he was murdered because he had too much information about drug abuse among the Marine corp. A safe he kept in his drawer was found missing as well as pages from a green diary he had kept in Puerto Rico. A navy investigator eventually rules the cause of death undetermined. The case remains unsolved.
Suspects: No known suspects
Extra Notes: This segment originally aired on the November 27, 1991 episode of Unsolved Mysteries .
Results: Unsolved
Links: None

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