Sleepwalking2 jarod allgood

Jarod Allgood

Real Name: Jarod Allgood
Case: Mysterious Death
Location: Iowa City, Iowa
Date: February 9, 1993


Details: On February 9, 1993, Jarod Allgood, a college student in Iowa City, Iowa was struck and killed under strange circumstances. Jarod had trouble with sleepwalking since he was a child. On the day of his death, he got out of his bed and ran out of his apartment; his eyes were open, but he was not awake, and he began to run a mile. Somehow, Jarod was able to weave through parked cars and corners. While in his sleep, he ran into a truck and was killed instantly. Although authorities intially believed that Jarod commited suicide, they later determined that he had been killed while sleepwalking and that it was against his own will.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 8, 1996 episode about Sleepwalking, along with Heidee Ruiz.
Results: Solved. Jarod's death was ruled the first known deaths to have occurred in Iowa that was attributed to sleepwalking. Although decades of research has been done on sleep, scientists still have more questions than answers.

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