James russell

James Russell

Real Name: James Russell
Case: Lost Brother
Date: 1986
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Details: Heidi Russell is searching for her younger brother, James, whom she hasn't seen in seven years. Heidi was placed in an Oklahoma City children's shelter by her father after a family tragedy, and James moved away. He was last seen in 1989 in San Benardino, California.
Heidi and james russell reunion

Heidi and James reuniting

Extra Notes: This segment first ran on Unsolved Mysteries in the March 4, 1992 episode as part of a roll call of four Lost Love cases which also included Darlene and Davida Ebmeier, Thomas Manion and Steve, Rita and Pamela Madding.
Results: Solved. Heidi and James's father saw the broadcast and gave James's address. One week after the broadcast, Heidi and James were reunited in Amarillo, Texas.
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