• Gord and Jackie McAllister
  • Brian Major

Real Names: Jacqueline McAllister and Brian Major
Nicknames: Jackie (McAllister), None Known (Major)
Location: Blind River, Ontario
Date: June 28, 1991


Details: On June 27, 1991, Gordon "Gord" McAllister, sixty-two, and his wife of thirty-nine years, Jackie, fifty-nine, stopped at a rest stop in Blind River, Ontario, to spend the night. They were from Lindsey, Ontario, and were on a vacation trip, traveling in their RV. At 12:55 am on June 28, a a man claiming to be a police officer knocked on their door. He claimed that they had to move their RV.
When Jackie opened the door, the man had two guns with him and demanded all of their money and valuables. She put her rings and jewelry in her purse and then gave it to him. Then, for no apparent reason, he shot her. Gord was able to jump out of the motor home and hide under it as the man fired at him.
At around that same time, Brian Major, a twenty-nine-year-old husband and father, arrived at the rest stop and asked if the man needed help. When he noticed that he had a gun, he tried to get back into his car and start. He was then shot by the gunman. After that, the gunman got into his van and drove off.
Gord went out to the highway and tried to get help, but Jackie and Brian were already dead. Gord was wounded, but survived. Police began investigating and soon distributed a composite sketch of the killer. A witness came forward, claiming that the gunman nearly hit their car shortly after he left the rest stop. The gunman was driving a blue van, which continued driving east towards Sudbury, Ontario. Unfortunately, the witness did not see what license plates the van had. A search of vehicle records proved fruitless.
Recently, Gord helped police make a computer composite of Jackie's killer. However, the murders remain unsolved.

Gordon jackie mcallister3 suspect

A composite of the killer

Suspects: Gord described the gunman to police as 5' 10" with a slight build, long stringy blonde hair, and approximately 30 years old at the time. He has never been identified. He was believed to have been driving a blue van. He used two different weapons in the attack.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the March 10, 1993 episode.
Results: Unresolved. In 1999, a suspect named Ronald West was identified by police. He is currently in prison serving time for two unrelated murders from 1970, but has never been charged with the Blind River Murders. Interestingly, West lived about twelve miles away from the murder scene. He also owned weapons similar to the ones used in the murder. His ex-wife also noted that he looked similar to the composite, but with a blonde wig. Sadly, Gord passed away on February 14, 2012, without ever seeing a resolution to his wife's murder.

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