• Jacqueline Castaneda
  • Age Progression (age 15)

Real Name: Jacqueline Castaneda-Vasquez
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date: May 6, 2001


Occupation: Minor
Date Of Birth: January 14, 2001
Height: 3'0
Weight: 13 pounds
Characteristics: Brown hair and eyes with a heart-shaped birthmark on her upper right arm


Details: Jacqueline Castaneda-Vasquez is the youngest of Olivia Castaneda's three children. On May 6, 2001, Olivia's husband dropped her and their two youngest children, Jacqueline and two-year-old Nayeli, at a swap meet near Phoenix. As they were walking into the swap meet, Olivia decided to use the portable restroom. Due to its small size, she could not take both of her children into the restroom. Fearing that Nayeli would wander away, she made a split-second decision that would come back to haunt her. She left Jacqueline outside of the restroom, in her car seat.
Within less than a minute, Olivia came back out to find that Jacqueline and her car seat were gone. Hoping that her mother had taken the child, Olivia rushed into the swap meet. When she arrived at her mother's booth, she was horrified to see that Jacqueline was not there. The police were called; they sealed off the swamp meet and searched the area. They also did a vehicle-to-vehicle search, but she was not found. Police are asking for any leads to find her and arrest her kidnapper(s).
Colleen Nick of the Morgan Nick Foundation met with Olivia to discuss the abduction and help her cope with the tragedy.

Vasquez jacsuspect2

A sketch of the possible abductor

Suspects: A suspicious woman was seen around the lavatory shortly before the abduction. A witness claimed that the woman was very interested in her infant child and was touching the child. A sketch of her was made, but she has yet to be identified.
Authorities thought they had gotten a break in the case when they found a woman matching the alleged abductor's description on surveillance video, leaving with an infant. Olivia believed that the infant was Jacqueline. However, the woman came forward and confirmed that the infant was her own child.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the August 28, 2001 episode, along with Morgan Nick.
Results: Unsolved. If still alive, Jacqueline would now be seventeen-years-old.