J.d. method

J.D. Method

Real Name: Jerome David Method
Aliases: J.D. Method
Wanted For: Fraud
Missing Since: 1990


Details: JD Method is a con-man wanted for fraud who has bilked at least seventeen women of their money in Golden, Colorado. One of the women, Peggy Peterson, met Method in 1990, and invested in a phony car deal in which he then took her money. Another woman, nicknamed Emilia, met Method in August of 1990, and swindled her son out of a car that he had been trying to sell. A third woman, Linda Weaver, met Method in 1987, and he soon began asking her for loans to help start a phony business of his. He also asked his other two victims for money three months after their relationship began. When his victims came foward about what Method did to them, he went on the run.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the October 21, 1992 episode.
Results: Captured. Method was arrested in Beaverton, Oregon in September of 1992 after he did another scam on a woman in that town. He was convicted of the fraud charges and sentenced to sixteen years in prison. He has served his sentence and has since been released.
Links: None

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