Spontaneous combustion3 irving bentley

Remains of Irving Bentley

Real Name: John Irving Bentley
Case: Unexplained Death
Date: December 5, 1966
Location: Coudersport, Pennsylvania


Details: In December 1966, a gas company meter man named Don Gosnell made an unpleasant discovery of the remains of Irving Bentley, a retired physician, who had died of a fire hot enough to burn through the floor but not potent enough to claim the whole house. All that was left of him was part of a leg and a pile of ash. To date, the cause of the fire has defied explanation. Skeptics believed that his pipe might have caused the blaze, but many disagree, and believe that spontaneous human combustion is to blame.
Suspects: None
Extra Notes: This original airdate for this segment is March 14, 1997.
Results: Unsolved

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