Ira einhorn1

Ira Einhorn

Real Name: Ira Samuel Einhorn
Aliases: "The Unicorn," so-called because his surname means "Unicorn" or "One Horn" (German)
Wanted For: Murder
Missing Since: January 1981


Details: Ira Einhorn was a counter-culture hero, an anti-war activist, and the alleged organizer of Earth Day, though this is contested. In 1971, he even ran for mayor of Philadelphia. In the autumn of 1972, Ira met Holly Maddux, a former cheerleader from Texas. The two were living with each other within days. However, the two seemed to have different viewpoints; for example, Holly was angry at Ira when he suggested that they try to get arrested during a protest. Their relationship was unstable and the couple frequently broke up, only to fall in love again.
Holly's family disliked Ira from the beginning. According to her sister Elizabeth, he was rude to them and ordered Holly around. One morning, Andrea Boyce, a coworker and friend of Holly's, noticed odd bruising on Holly's neck. Though Holly denied it at first, she soon admitted that Ira had hurt her. At this point, Holly began slowly distancing herself from Ira, mainly due to the abuse.

Ira einhorn2 holly maddux

Holly Maddux

In July 1977, Holly left Ira without bothering to get her belongings. She moved to a beach resort near New York City, where she started a new, non-abusive relationship with Saul Lapidus. On September 9, 1977, Ira realized what Holly had done and called her, angrily threatening to destroy her possessions if she didn't go back to Philadelphia. She agreed to go, but only to get her things back. While in Philadelphia, Ira and Holly went to the movies with another couple, which was the last time Holly was seen alive.
A few days later, Ira tried convincing friends of his to help him dump a large, heavy trunk (which he said was full of secret Russian documents) into a nearby river. When Holly failed to return home, Saul and her friends began to get worried. After they reported her missing, detectives questioned Ira, who told them Holly had gone to the store and never came back. This explanation was not believed by Holly's parents, who hired two former FBI agents to investigate the matter privately. The agents located the movie-going couple, learned about Ira trying to dispose of the trunk, and interviewed the tenants in the apartment below Ira's, who were complaining of a foul smell and odd fluid seeping through their closet ceiling.
The huge report by the agents allowed authorities to obtain a warrant on Ira's apartment. The police search of apartment on March 28, 1979, uncovered the body of Holly, which had been locked in the trunk in Ira's closet for 18 months. Upon discovery, Ira told detectives "You found what you found." Ira later explained that the FBI and CIA had planted Holly's body in his apartment. Ira was taken into custody but released when $4,000 - 10% of his already reduced bail - was paid by a socialite; he was able to get bail because of his attorney, Arlen Spector, who is now a U.S. Senator. In January 1981, two days before his trial, Ira fled to Europe.


Annika Flodin

A decade later, the Philadelphia authorities made an extraordinary choice, putting Einhorn on trial in absentia. He was convicted of murdering Holly Maddux in absentia in 1993 after a jury deliberation lasting only two hours. However, Einhorn remains a fugitive; authorities know that he has lived in Europe, mainly Ireland and Sweden and is believed to be in the company of a woman named Annika Flodden. She is not suspected of any crime, and probably does not know that Einhorn is a wanted fugitive.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the January 5, 1996 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Captured. An American-Swedish Unsolved Mysteries viewer named Hjordis Reichel, 65, recognized Einhorn's girlfriend Annika and contacted a high-ranking Swedish police official who contacted Pennsylvania authorities. They were able to discover a DMV application that Annika had made for a foreign driver's license in 1994 where she used an assumed name that she and Einhorn were using, and later cited her Swedish driver's license, with her real name on it. Officials then followed the trail back to France where they followed Annika to the home she shared with Einhorn in southern France. Authorities watched Einhorn for about a month before they finally arrested him on Friday, June 13, 1997.

Ira einhorn now

Ira Einhorn after arrest

Although Einhorn had been convicted in absentia in 1993, he successfully fought extradition for four years because French law required that foreign nationals not to be extradited based on trials in absentia. Finally, Pennsylvania officials agreed to give Einhorn a new trial, and on July 20, 2001, Einhorn was extradited from France back to the United States. Einhorn was convicted of the murder of Holly Maddux and on October 17, 2002, he was given a life sentence, which he is serving in Houtzdale, Pennsylvania. In 2016, he was moved to a minimum-security prison, presumably due to illness.

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