Dolly the Sheep

Real Name: Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell
Occupation: Biologists
Place Of Birth: Hampton Lucy, England (Wilmut); Birmingham, England (Campbell) 
Date Of Birth: July 7, 1944 (Wilmut); May 23, 1952(Campbell)
Location: Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland


Background: Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell are biologists at the Roslin Institute, a National Institute of Bioscience (NIB) which receives Institute Strategic Programme Grant funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). It is a part of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Edinburgh. The Institute undertakes research within the framework of BBSRC Institute Strategic Programmes focused on the health and welfare of animals, and applications of basic animal sciences in human and veterinary medicine, the livestock industry and food security.
On July 5, 1996, the institute managed to clone a sheep named Dolly, but the cloning was not officially announced until February of 1997. After the announcement, some scientists began to suggest that there may be a possibility that humans can be cloned and could also possibly be brought back from the grave through cloning.
Dolly the sheep was born to three mothers: one that provided that embryo, another that carried the DNA, and the last that carried the cloned embryo. She was created using the technique of somatic cell nuclear transfer.
In February of 2003, Dolly the sheep was humanely euthanized because she had developed a severe lung disease and arthritis. To this day, many are still surprised that Dolly was cloned and wonder if humans will be able to be cloned.
Case Files:

  • Dolly The Sheep

Notes: The case was featured as a part of the March 28, 1997 episode.

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