Huey long1

Huey Long

Real Name: Huey Long
Case: Suspicious Death
Date: September 8, 1935
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Details: Nicknamed The Kingfish, Huey Long was a noted Louisiana governor and senator planning a bid for President of the United States. Had he succeeded, he might have been one of the greatest American Presidents to hold office. In July 1935, he claimed to have uncovered a plot to kill him and made sure to be surrounded by bodyguards. Later in 1935, Long was departing a special session of the Louisiana Legislature when he was confronted by Carl Weiss wanting to speak to him. Long shrugged him off, but Weiss was insistent. Long's bodyguards opened fire on Weiss after he took a punch at Long, taking his life in a hail of no more than sixty-one bullets. At the time, it was thought Weiss had actually shot at Long, but a gun wasn't found with Weiss. Long was hit by a stray shot and seemed to be fine, but died two days later of internal bleeding. Years afterward, the Weiss family want Carl's name cleared, rationalizing that Long might have taken shots from his own bodyguards.
Huey long2 carl weiss

Dr. Carl Weiss

Extra Notes: This case first aired on the September 30, 1992 episode.
Results: Solved. In research unavailble to the public, it has been revealed that Senator Long had a life insurance policy of $10,000. The policy would double if he died by accident. The Long family was awarded $20,000. After Long died, the insurance company hired a private investigator to look into the matter. The investigator discovered that Senator Huey Long was fatally shot accidentally by his bodyguards.

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