Jonathan grady

Real Name: Unrevealed
Case: Lost Heirs
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: 1980


Details: Jonathan Grady is a Los Angeles book collector and writer. One day in 1980, while at an antiques store, he bought a box with several items, including a family bible. The book was so old and damaged that it would cost $200 to repair it. He decided to put it away until a decade later, when he needed a quote from the book of Job. He discovered that the bible was a wedding presentation for Charles Lazarus and his wife, Fannie; the two were married on March 25, 1874, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Grady lazarus bible

The Lazarus Bible

On the presentation page, he found that the couple had recorded the births of two sons, Joshua and Samuel, and three daughters, Blooma, May, and Reina. It also stated that Joshua had married Dora Fleischmann of Americus, Georgia. Samuel had married Ada Hassett of Posen, Michigan. Finally, Blooma had married a German immigrant named Michael Michaelson. On the next page, they recorded the birth of one grandchild, Blooma's daughgter Helen May. She was born in Denver, Colorado, on May 2, 1895. Charles himself died on July 4, 1913, and was buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery in New York.
Since the discovery, Jonathan has tried to locate the Lazarus family in an attempt to return the bible to them. Several newspaper articles were published about his story. He received one lead from eighty-one-year-old Bernard Fleischmann of South Carolina. He had a deceased Aunt Dora from Americus, Georgia, who he believed was Charles's daughter-in-law. However, Bernard had lost touch with Dora's family decades earlier. He is trying to contact any of the man's descendants to return the book to them.
Extra Notes: This segment was featured as part of the March 23, 1994 episode.
Results: Unsolved

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