• Heather Tallchief
  • Roberto Solis

Real Name: Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis
Aliases: Pancho Aguila
Wanted For: Theft
Missing Since: October 1993


Details: Heather Tallchief was a 21-year-old armored car driver for the Loomis Armored Car Company in Las Vegas who went with her two partners to refill the money at the ATMs at several casinos on October 1, 1993. Their final stop was at an ATM near the casino's side entrance and standard procedure was that Heather would drive the van and pick up her partners once their job is finished. However, she drove away from the casino instead of going to the other side to pick them up and disappeared along with $3 million dollars. They initially assumed that she had gotten lost or was stuck in traffic and feared that she may have gotten into an accident. A security camera showed Heather leaving the casino, which showed no signs of hijacking or foul play, and the authorities were soon called, but they could not find her or the van, so they concluded that she deliberately fled with the money.
Tallchief appeared to have pulled off the perfect crime, and hers is one of the largest armored robbery case of the FBI where the perpetrator was not brought to justice. Authorities discovered that Tallchief had applied to work at the armored car company two months earlier and they believe that she planned it from the beginning. They soon learned that she had conspired the heist with her boyfriend, Roberto Solis, who in 1969 shot and killed an armored car guard in an unsuccessful robbery, and was released from prison six years before the robbery. Solis had met Tallchief in San Francisco where they began a relationship and then began planning their crime. Investigators learned that Tallchief and Solis arrived at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport two hours after the armored car vanished, disguised as an elderly man with his elderly wife in a wheelchair. Three days later, the FBI tracked the couple to Denver, but they again vanished. Two weeks later, the armored car was found in a building that Solis had rented and they found shipping supplies for the money. However, almost a decade later, Tallchief and Solis are still at large.
Extra Notes: This case first aired as part of an FBI alert on May 25, 1994 and then expanded on the October 2, 2001 episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
Results: Unresolved. Heather Tallchief turned herself into the police in September 2005 at a Las Vegas courthouse after getting tired of running from the law after living with her ten-year-old son in the Netherlands. Tallchief claimed that Solis brainwashed her, and she was later sentenced to 63 months in prison and has since been released. She claims that she has not seen Roberto Solis since she learned that she was pregnant with his child. Solis remains at large. He is 5'10", 152 pounds, has hazel eyes and brown hair, and would today be 66 years old.

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