• Gus Ortega with his parents
  • August Ortega

Real Name: Gus Ortega
Case: Reincarnation
Location: San Rafael, California
Date: 1995


Details: On December 3, 1995, Ron Ortega and his wife had a baby named Gus. When Gus was about one and a half, his father was changing his diapers. Gus said, "You know, when I was your age, I used to change your diapers." As he grew up, he made several other references similar to that. One day, Ron showed Gus some old family photos. In a class photo, Gus pointed out his grandfather, August Ortega. He identified the figure as himself, even though the man had died one year before Gus was born and he had never seen any pictures of him before. In several other photos, he picked out August and identified himself.
He was also shown a picture of August's family business, which Gus identified as "his shop." He also said "I used to be big and now I'm a kid again!" Gus also started talking about an Ortega family tragedy. He claimed that he had a sister that died and became a "fish". In fact, August had a sister who had been murdered by her husband in 1940, almost half a century earlier. Her body was wrapped in a blanket and dumped in the San Francisco Bay. Ron claims that his son knew nothing about the incident.
By the age of five, most of Gus's memories of his grandfather faded away. Ron is convinced that Gus was the reincarnation of his father, August.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of a segment on reincarnation on July 16, 2001 episode along with Dee Klepper.
Results: Unsolved