Gordon page jr1

Gordon Page Jr.

Real Name: Gordon Thomas Page Jr.
Nicknames: Gordie
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Date: May 27, 1991


Occupation: Grocery Store Clerk
Date of Birth: April 15, 1963
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175
Marital Status: Single
Characteristics: Reddish-brown Hair, blue eyes. He might respond to the names of his two younger brothers, Lance and Todd.


Details: Gordon Page Jr. was considered while growing up as being a big, slow, and clumsy boy. Although he was unable to do simple addition and subtraction, he had a great memory, especially when it came to baseball. He memorized all of the names and batting averages of the players on his baseball cards. As he grew up, he was separated from his friends due to troubles in school. In June 1981, he graduated from high school and began to work at a local grocery store. Even though he was a good worker, he was unable to communicate with the customers and was let go.
Eventually, his parents, Gordon Sr. and Linda, met with social workers to have his case evaluated; he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and it was recommended that he would be put in a group home. While there, he was put on several drugs that put him through psychological and physical torment. In September 1989, his family moved to Florida and the preceding spring he had been accepted into a Grand Rapids group home, so he did not follow his family to Florida.
On November 29, 1989, a workman left his truck parked in the group home driveway and although he was heavily medicated, Gordie took it and got into an accident. He walked away from the scene and was later found at an elementary school. Later, he told his parents that all he wanted to do was to visit his brother who was in college in Texas. He was then placed in a county hospital where he was evaluated by psychiatric social worker Bill Arnold, and he determined that he was a highly functioning autistic.
His parents then found a new home in Grand Rapids that specialized in autism, but the problem was that no visitors were allowed for two months. Gordon Sr. waited two months before he was finally able to see him, and when he prepared to return to Florida on May 21, 1991, he shared an emotional goodbye with him. During this, he tried to open a locked door to his father's van, but Gordon Sr. regretfully chose not to do it and left.

Gordon page age progression

Age progression of Gordon

On May 27, just six days later, an orderly discovered during a midnight check that he was not there; apparently, he had escaped through a window. An hour later, a fireman saw a man matching his description hitchhiking along Interstate 96. An intense search turned up no leads, but about six weeks later, a collection of baseball cards were found under an overpass with ramps leading to both Chicago and Detroit. Three of them had been separated from the others; they were his favorite players. His parents believe that he is still alive and may have been checked into a hospital as a "John Doe" where he may still be now.
Suspects: Foul play is not suspected in his disappearance.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the October 28, 1994 episode.
Results: Unsolved. His family is still searching for him and continues to follow up on any leads to his whereabouts. If he is still alive, Gordon would now be fifty-four-years-old. Sadly Gordon's father, Gordon Sr. passed away on January 25, 2018 at the age of 81.