Glen and bessie hyde

Glen and Bessie Hyde

Real Name: Glen and Bessie Hyde
Case: Mysterious disappearance/unidentified remains
Date: November 18, 1928
Location: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


Details: Glen and Bessie Hyde were a newlywed couple who vanished while taking a trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon in 1928. Glen was an experienced river rafter who wanted to set a new speed record for traveling through the canyon, which would have put Bessie in the book as the first documented woman to do so. They were last seen on November 18; they were photographed by Emery Kolb at his studio and home near the rim. Adolph G. Sutro was one of the last people to see them. When they failed to reappear by December, a full search was made for them. Their scow with their supplies fully strapped in was found around River Mile 237. There is evidence they made it as far as River Mile 225 where they may have made camp. Their bodies were never found, but it is possible they were lost around River Mile 232. In 1971, a woman claiming to be Bessie appeared on a commercial rafting trip. She appeared to some vacationers and reported that she had killed Glen down the river and disposed of his remains, but she later recanted this tale. In 1976, a male skeleton was found on the property of Emery Kolb and was believed to be Glen's, but analysis of the bones showed it was too young to have been him. When famous river-runner, Georgie White Clark passed away in 1992, many believed she was actually Bessie, especially since property of theirs was found in her possessions. The two women didn't even resemble each other and it's more likely the items were souvenirs. So far, no one is exactly sure what happened to the Hydes.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on Special #4 on November 29, 1987. It ranks as one of the most remembered cases in the series.
Results: Unsolved