Spontaneous combustion2 george mott

George Mott

Real Name: George Mott
Case: Unexplained Death
Date: March 26, 1986
Location: Crown Point, New York


Details: George Mott was a retired fireman that suffered from lung problems and required an air mask and pump to breathe. On March 26, 1986, his son, Kendal, visited him after he had not answered repeated phone calls. Kendal found all the windows browned and the interior smoked. Inside his bedroom, he found what was left of his father. His remains consisted of ash, a few splinters of bone and a fragment of skull. The very localized damage suggested that George had died from spontaneous combustion - a situation that has yet to be explained. The damage to his body was similar to that of what is done to a crematorium.
The searing heat had melted a television in the room. However, much of the bedding was unscathed. Just a few feet from the bed, a box of wooden matches failed to ignite. Air was still pumping from his air mask. Despite this, skeptics believe that there is a rational explanation for George's death.
Joe Nickell noted that George was a former drinker and smoker. He believes that George was depressed and decided to smoke a cigar or cigarette. If he dropped the cigar or cigarette on himself, it could have caused him to accidentally set himself on fire.
Suspects: None
Extra Notes: The original airdate for this segment is March 14, 1997. It was part of segment of "spontaneous human combustion" which also featured the stories of Kay Fletcher and Irving Bentley.
Results: Unsolved