George anderson1

George Anderson

Real Name: George Anderson
Occupation: Psychic
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
Date Of Birth: Unrevealed
Location: Long Island, New York


Background: George Anderson claims that he can communicate with spirits of deceased loved ones. In 1958, he was stricken with chicken pox, developing encephalomyelitis, an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, and nearly died. Soon afterwards, he began hearing the voices of people who had already died. Decades later, he began helping people with his power so they can speak and be at peace with their deceased relatives. In 1982, George met Barbara and John Licata, whom he gave information about their deceased son David. Unsolved Mysteries filmed a session with George and the parents of Barry Silverman, who had died from cancer. George was able to tell many things about Barry that he would not have known about. However, many people are skeptical about George's claims.
Case Files:

Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 18, 1992 episode.

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