Tom dixon2 gary

Gary Simmons

Real Name: Gary Simmons
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Location: Independence, Missouri.
Date: October 16, 1991


Details: In 1991, a Missouri bus driver named Tyrone Rollins discovered the remains of Gary Simmons in a cave near the bus garage. Police re-opened the investigation and discovered that Gary, who had vanished in October of 1974, may have been murdered by a man named Tom Dixon . On the day before Gary vanished, he learned that Tom had a pure-bred horse to sell. The next day, Tom met Gary at Gary's office and the two soon left and Gary told his secretary that they will return shortly, but did not say where they were going. Fifteen minutes later, Gary called his secretary and told her to write a check to Tom for $30,000. Tom later arrived and picked up the check, and he later met with Gary to get his signature, although nobody knows where that was. The last time Gary was ever seen alive was at a restaurant.

Tom dixon1

Tom Dixon

A few hours later, Tom arrived at a salvage yard, driving Gary's Lincoln Continental car and asked if it could be flattened to avoid all traces of identification, but the salvage man suggested that Dixon put the car in the Missouri river. Dixon was later seen cashing Gary's check at a bank. The bank manager, of whom Gary was one of his best customers, approved the check and also suggested if Dixon was interested in opening an account with him as well. Tom Dixon declined, claiming he was in debt and needed the cash to retire said debts. The next day, Tom Dixon was dropped off by a friend at a truck stop and was never seen again. Six months later, Gary's car was pulled from the river. Police had no idea what happened to the two men until Gary's skeletal remains were located in 1991. Authorities now believe that Dixon murdered Gary over a bogus horse deal.
Suspects: Tom Dixon
Extra Notes: The original airdate for this episode was April 8, 1992.
Results: Unsolved. Today, Dixon would be in his 80s. It is unknown whether Dixon is dead or alive.

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