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Case File: Falcon Lake UFO
Location: Falcon Lake, Manitoba
Date: May 20, 1967
Description: Falcon Lake is located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park in southeastern Manitoba, Canada. The lake is reputedly named for Métis poet/songwriter Pierre Falcon (1793-1876). Falcon Lake is a community in Manitoba with a population of 390.

Falcon lake ufo1 sketch
Sketch of the UFO
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History: On May 20, 1967, fifty-one-year-old Stephen Michalak was prospecting in Falcon Lake, Manitoba, when a strange object appeared from the sky. Michalak described the UFO as two cigarette-shaped objects, one of which landed near him. One of the UFO's doors opened, he heard voices from inside the object and saw a grid-like exhaust vent that expelled gas that burned his clothing. The object descended towards Stephen then a door opened. Stephen claims that he saw a grid-like exhaust vent on the side of the object, which shot out a large amount of gas that set his clothing on fire. Mysterious burns also appeared on his body. The object then went up into the sky and flew away. Michalak went to the hospital complaining of pain and sickness due to the encounter. A few weeks after the encounter, Michalak took RCMP to the location of the landing site and a semicircle from the craft was still there. To this day, no one has been able to explain what happened to Stephen or what the strange object was, but interestingly, the burns from the object are still on Stephen.

Falcon lake ufo4 stephen with burn marks
Stephen Michalak with mysterious burns
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Background: Stephen Michalak lived in Winnipeg, Canada, but was in Falcon Lake on vacation with his wife and children.
Investigations: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police became involved soon after the encounter and became skeptical when Stephen initially could not locate the landing site. They also learned that Stephen had consumed large amounts of beer on the night before the alleged sighting. However, in July, Stephen was able to locate the site, and the RCMP was able to locate radiation at the site.
Extra Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 4, 1992 episode.
Results: Unsolved. Michalak died in 1999, but the burns remained on his body. Currently, the Canadian Government identifies the case as "unsolved".
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